Human Figure in Copper Coins

Copper | Sculpture | Customise

This sculpture inspired by artist Valay Shende's artwork and is installed in the living room of a residential building in Mumbai. During this project, I learned many different techniques like die making, brazing, buffing etc.

Sculpture for John Deere head office

GunMetal | Sculpture | Customise

This was a challenging project that required us to balance a 180 kg sculpture made in gunmetal on simply two back legs of a deer.

Customised Graffiti for Mr Amit Trivedi

Celebrity | Graffiti | Customise

We created a highly customized wall graffiti for the eminent Indian music composer, Amit Trivedi which depicted rooted Indian musical instruments that have been integral to his musical expression. (Picture credit - Amit Trivedi)

Wall Mural for Skin Care Clinic

Clinic | Mural | Customise

I accepted the commission to create a mural for a medical clinic with the aim to create a never seen masterpiece. The concept of the mural titled ‘Kaya’ was based on research undertaken on understanding human skin cells. Kaya is a microscopic view of a human skin cell engraved on a block of wood. In retrospection, the mural creates a fascinating appeal to the human eye and intellect.

Whale Fish Tail in SS-304

IT Park | Sculpture | Customise

This sculpture is created to display in the water body of a commercial complex entrance lobby. Whale fish represents prosperity.

Wall Graffiti for Yoo Villas

YooVillas | Graffiti | Customise

The project is a commissioned artwork for YOO Villas by Panchshil Realty in Pune. The property, YOO Villas, in the words of its founder John Hitchcox, aims to provide magnificent spaces that enrich people’s lives in every possible way. The property has at its heart, a lush, verdant landscaped garden that allows to reconnect with nature and create an oasis of calm amidst urban living. (Video 1)

An Interactive Kinetic Sculpture “Totempole of India”

Kinetic | Sculpture | Customise

Totem poles are monuments created by First Nations of the Pacific Northwest to represent and commemorate ancestry, histories, people, or events. Given the complexity and symbolic meanings of totem pole carvings, their placement and importance lie in the observer's knowledge and connection to the meanings of the figures and the culture in which they are embedded. Keeping this in mind, we combined various Indian arts and crafts, and their techniques in this Kinetic Sculpture. Whenever someone enters the Living room motion sensors detect the motion and the sculpture starts rotating slowly.

International Sculpture Residency Curated for Panchshil Realty

Curation | Scrap sculptures | Residency

Bring good art to public spaces for common people and Utilise scrap from construction to reduce wastage of valuable resources. (Video)

Wall mural for BBQ restaurant

Restaurant | Mural | Customise

In this artwork, a colourful face of a person is created with the CNC engraving technique on a sandwich of russian birch and cast acrylic sheets. The letters in the background are drawn by firing wood through the metal stencils. (Video)